Cassette Transfer to Digital

Dunedin Media cassette transfer to digitalCassette transfer to digital formats such as mp3 on a thumb drive or mp3 CD, or regular CD, is available through Dunedin Media.

Dunedin Media provides tape transfers to digital from a variety of audio and video tape sources. You don’t need to pack up your tapes and ship them to some company or person you never meet. Dunedin Media only handles local clients from Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Holiday, Oldsmar, Largo, Safety Harbor, and the surrounding areas.

Mike at Dunedin Media has over 40 years of experience in audio production dating back to the days when there was only analog tape. He also worked in pro audio sales for over 15 years from the advent of digital recording. He understands how things work with older technology as well as all the modern gear. So doing cassette transfer to digital formats is right up his alley.

Give Mike a call at 727-331-6000 with any questions you may have concerning what they do.